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A few words to begin with…

Maybe some of you who have just opened this page are thinking: another blog among all those available online, what for? What more can they say about wine that we haven’t heard of before? Especially nowadays, we are all fed up with the plethora of updates that we receive by email and so we skip most of them. So why is it worth following us?With this first post we would like to share with you the inner drive we had and the needs that prompted us to create this blog, answering some basic questions.. Why now?

The truth is that we have been up for it for a long time, but work life brought up constant postponements. During these unprecedented times we are all facing, for the first time in years, we were able to spend more time in the office. Given that we can no longer welcome you to our estate, we were driven by the need to start communicating with you in order to express our thoughts directly and not only through social networking platforms. We were yearning to create content that you could return to, so that anyone could have access anytime and not something superficial, another snapshot that pops up on the screen every day. Another reason we’re here today is to turn the cliché of “stay home” into something positive and present to you a different angle of looking at it. We believe that apart from the negative sign that it has due to the restrictions imposed, it can work positively for building new relationships or approaching a new way of being informed about issues that is of our interest, in our case, the wine world.


What is this all about? 

Our goal is to share with all of you news not only regarding the activity of Domaine Florian but to provide you with a broader view about wine, such as breathtaking destinations, interesting people, creative ventures. Through this project, we strive to bring into light our own aesthetic for what we consider as beautiful and  meaningful so as to spice up your everyday life, by enriching your wine knowledge apart from offering, of course, enjoyment to your taste buds with our wine labels.

As we pointed out above, the goal of creating this blog is not just to make our winery more popular to the public, but to open a window of communication and interaction with you and share new experiences through creative dialogue and exchange of ideas. Guest star for every interaction with our readers will be a glass of qualitative wine from our vineyards that will surprise them with the uniqueness of its character and will accompany the most special moments with their loved ones.


What to expect?

From time to time, we will let you know about the news concerning the Domaine such as wines and new products that have just been released on the market and also about events, exhibitions, conferences and initiatives of partners that we support. In addition, we will share with you places where you can taste our labels as well as new services we provide.

However, we do not want our blog to focus only on what we can offer but to become a guide for all wine and gastronomy lovers. Therefore, we decided to embellish our articles with the following topics:


  • News about the wine industry:

Get to read News from SOME & ENOABE that we are part of. You will get to know wine events we participate around the country/ we will post interviews with wine experts and professionals of the sector/ you will read about restaurants we liked, bars we discovered, highlights we experienced etc.

  • Wine Knowledge Alphabet:

Those of you who are interested in discovering even more about the wine world, you will find interesting articles here to enrich your wine knowledge.

  • Wine Essentials

Rankings for wines we tasted / reviews on useful wine objects / food pairing recipes / useful instructions about wine for maximizing the pleasure


We do not intend to fill in your notification board with news every day. We will contact you when we have something really nice and interesting to convey to you. In addition to the above-mentioned columns, you will be the first to know about the promo offers of the Estate.

This blog is an extension of our home, the winery we have built all these years with a lot of passion. Our wish is to open our home and welcome you not as ordinary guests but as an integral part of it.  We would like to point out that for all of us at Domaine Florian, it will make us feel great if you follow our blog, not only because you like our wines and our philosophy, but also because you were simply impressed by its elegance, taste and interesting subjects.


In other words….

We would love to share this adventure with all of you as companions along the way, hoping that this new community will become the starting point for this magical tasty journey. After all, every great journey begins with a small step. Our first step towards all of you who want to support us has already been made and we hope to have you by our side on this new wine path.


The Schneider family welcomes you personally to the large family of Domaine Florian wine lovers!

Stay tuned and if you love cinema, read our first post about

Wine movies and documentaries

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    A few words to begin with… Maybe some of you who have just opened this page are thinking: another blog among all those available online, what for? What more can they say about wine that we haven’t heard of before? Especially nowadays, we are all……

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