Technology & Wine: 10 wine apps for your Iphone & Android smartphones
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Technology & Wine: 10 wine apps for your Iphone & Android smartphones

Technology & Wine: 10 wine apps for your Iphone & Android smartphones

Technology & Wine:
Domaine Florian proposes 10 wine apps for your Iphone & Android smartphones

Nowadays, our smartphones guarantee direct access to an excessive amount of information that is just one click away to download. Mobile applications have the answers for all the aspects of our everyday life ranging from simple tasks to scientific topics; almost everything is possible thanks to the thousands of applications that are available online! The wine sector is no exception. Choosing the right wine bottles with our phone has become an easy task and it serves us every time we wonder which wine to offer or buy for the family dinner.

The new wine apps dispose the following distinctive features:

  • Automatic image recognition technologies that identify a wine in seconds thanks to the scanned photo of its label,
  • The social dimension and the community, which allows you to have access to information about wines from around the world with just a few clicks.
  • These two opportunities, cleverly combined, are ready to revolutionize the shopping habits in the wine world.


To name just a few of the capabilities that a wine app offers, here’s a small list: Tips from thousands of experts on how to manage your cellar or how to find the bottle that best suits your taste, offers & characteristics of each selected wine.

Imagine being in front of the wine department of a supermarket and need to choose  quickly a wine for a gift but you have no idea which one. One or two bottle photos on the shelf and you are given access to their description sheet, which is noted and commented by consumers from around the world. Some good tips on how to combine each wine with food will pop up helping you to choose based on the menu that you have already cooked. Choose your geographical location and the app will inform you where you can find the same wine for less money. Share your choice with your partners and with one click you will have confirmation of whether they agree with your purchase.

But how do we find the best choice as consumers among so many wine applications? To make it easier for you, we have created a list of the most up-to-date wine applications for 2020 and we present them below.

The following propositions are a comparison of some applications for mobile devices, which we evaluated based on 4 criteria:

  1. The quality of the mobile application
  2. The quality of label recognition
  3. The availability and presentation of information about each wine
  4. The social dimension of the application & its popularity


It’s up to you to download and test them!

Find wine reviews / ratings in the iDealwine catalog

First of all, we could not talk about wine ratings and omit to inform you about this application developed by iDealwine. Indeed, this app allows you to access the rankings of the world’s largest wineries and have an idea of ​​the price of hard-to-find labels as it has been set up on the basis of large auctions. With more than 60,000 references and 3 million wine codes, this is the perfect fit if you are a wine collector.

In addition to these key features, the iDealwine app has evolved and offers several new services, mainly educational to users who have a wine culture or love the world of wine.

Our review: Overall it is a very good application that is a direct extension of its website. Its evaluation system is a reference point in the world of wine. However, its reliability is mainly due to the value of the exchanges carried out by the website or the application. It should therefore be noted that the prices refer to wines with collectible value that could be an investment opportunity. However, the prices for the other wines are reasonable and you can get offers. Finally, although the structure of the application is clear, in many cases the app is very slow and it could certainly become more user-friendly.



The wine application that you need in your everyday life

Vivino is a great wine app that brings together a large community of wine enthusiasts: more than 30 million users have downloaded it to their smartphones and it’s a real tool for smart shopping. The popular application allows the user to express their opinion about each bottle they try, discover new wines or even make purchases.

Vivino also allows you to take a photo of a wine label or a wine list. The user then receives all the information about the wine and has the possibility of buying it by choosing one of the different selling points.

Our review:


·         Repeated errors in the label scan result.

In about 10% of cases Vivino makes a mistake in recognizing the bottle. Either the identification of the crop is not correct, or the result is frankly inconsistent. In any case, the user can manually correct the error or report it to Vivino in order to resolve it.


·         Non-automatic detection of the label when automatic detection fails.  A few hours later, the result is ready and a notification will notify you.


Your application accompanies you from the beginning till the end of your tasting experience: the wine explorer allows you to find the wine you need: “a red wine under € 15, with a score of at least 3.5 to accompany poultry”, the reviews and community comments allow you to choose from a long list of suggestions.

WineAdvisor is a wine app that allows you to take a photo of a label and access a lot of information about wine prices and sale points as well as their technical description. Then you will be able to receive notes and opinions from the community, ideas for food and wine pairing or even the aging potential of the wine. With more than 800,000 members, the community of this wine app is important because of its popularity as it is considered the trip advisor for the wine world. Each user has to create a wine profile for the app to collect information about their tastes and at the end of the tour their favorite wines are stored in the app. That way you will not forget what type of wine you were searching for the last time you used the application.

Our review:


·         The free cellar management tool. While many apps offer this feature as a paid option, Wineadvisor has chosen to provide it for free. The tool is simple, but we appreciate the gesture!

·         Non-automatic label recognition in case of automatic recognition failure

·         Tasting notes and advice from wine professionals, which complement the community’s notes and comments


According to WineAdvisor, the app has 2.8 million tags recognized by the scanner and 200,000 wine ratings. The application is overall of good quality and has a lot of potential!

TWIL is an acronym for The Wine I Love. This wine app allows you to take a photo of a wine label and get all the information about it. With TWIL, choosing your wine has never been easier. The special feature of TWIL is that it provides wine lovers direct contact with the wine producers. You can then place orders directly at the winery starting with 6 bottles. On the other hand, the delivery service is extremely cheap for everyone.

Our review:


·         We like its fair approach, which consists in lowering prices due to lack of intermediaries. In addition, the search function per region is very practical.

·         The quality of the wine tabs and descriptive sheet with  tasting information that are plenty with ideas for pairing food and wine


·         The number of producers and bottles mentioned remains low

·         Lack of community evaluations

The e-commerce approach and the direct connection between wine producers and consumers for their community as well as the modern mobile approach make TWIL stand out.



WineSearcher allows you to search, compare and buy wines. Indeed, this wine app allows you to scan a label and learn more about the wine in front of you. You can rate it and your review will appear directly to the community .

In addition, the app allows you to locate places where you can buy your wine nearby. However, you can also choose to buy your wine directly from the app and pick it up at your home.

Among other things, WineSearcher allows you to develop your knowledge of wine with a complete encyclopedia. In addition to wine, you can also learn more about whiskey, brandy, gin, rum, tequila and beer.


·         The social dimension is rarely emphasized

·         Errors in scan recognition


·         The number of recognized bottles and the size of the wine merchants’ network

·         The ability to select wines from a list of suggestions in case of recognition error



Wine-Searcher is the app you need if you want to know the price of a wine. With a wine base of 9 million and a network of 85,000 merchants, it is a leader in its field.

Find Domaine Florian at winesearcher:  and review our wine labels

Your personal wine consultant

This wine application also has real value, as it helps a lot in choosing the delicious combinations in terms of wines, advising the public which wine pairs which dish and vice versa, of course providing the possibility of creating personal notes that you can manage offline. What makes it stand out is the ability to scan the bottle and directly access the information about the wine you have on hand.

Our review:

In addition to so-called flash sales and software licensing, the free Hello Vino wine app is a direct link to wine consumers, offering suggestions for those of us that need guidance when having to choose among hundreds of labels and wines of different grape varieties (or if we are at the restaurant holding an extensive wine list).  The app is like a wine consultant ready to assist those with no idea which wine will offer the perfect complement for dinner, for the holidays, or for a special occasion.

In a dazzling series of information, the app lists hundreds of food (for different occasions) with an alphabetical wine list and food pairings as a reference, a list that shows us who, in addition to the consumer, benefits from the app.

Finally, Hello Vino identifies, based on demographics, consumer preferences and market trends at the exact time and location where we make wine purchase decisions.

Manage your cellar with SmartCave

If you’re looking for an app that lets you manage your cellar, you need to know about smartcave. This quite new app is simple but incredibly effective. It is also accessible from its website and you can access it from anywhere.

It allows you to manage your cellar, but not only that. You can search through a giant wine listing catalog either by typing the name or based on the menu you are going to eat. The site makes sure to show you results with wines that match the search criteria you selected in the filters. This last point is very interesting especially for people who do not know tips for food and wine pairing

Our review:

All in all, the Smart Cave is a great app that can help you make your cellar in a simple way and it’s free so it’s accessible to everyone. However, two points disappointed us and made it difficult to use:

·         the obligation to register to take advantage of the functions of the application


·         navigation is not user friendly and its design still needs a lot of work.

Record the unique wine moments you share with those who love wine.

Upload your photos and add tags so you never forget this wonderful wine experience again! Your own wine gallery, the online wine album of beautiful moments

Explore wine moments: Browse photos of other wine lovers

Explore wine moments uploaded by other wine lovers.

Your secret to wine knowledge

A complete educational guide for grape varieties and wines. Learn how to pronounce various wines, what to eat with them, and which grapes are in which parts of the world.

Our evaluation:

What sets Plonk apart from its rivals is the strong emphasis on education by creating detailed wine profiles for each grape, region and style.

Plonk also helps younger wine enthusiasts to find out which wine is right for them, making the app’s new users complete a kind of personality test. The questions are about how much salt you use in food and whether you prefer tea or coffee. The result is an extremely accurate wine composition that really suits your taste.

What we like:

·         The wine personality test is fun and surprisingly accurate.

·         Fantastic information about grapes and vineyards.

What we don’t like:

·         The application occasionally requires you to reconnect manually, which is especially frustrating when it happens several times on the same day.


·         Available in: iOS and no longer in Android

Wine after music. When the taste acquires a sound

The Top 100 of the Food and Wine app in the App Store

A large number of empirical research shows that acidity, for example, tends to be combined with high-speed, fast-paced songs. Wine Listening uses acidity, rhythm and many other parameters to give you the right music for the wine you taste.

Recognition of wine label using artificial intelligence

·         Take a picture of your wine label.


·         Wine Listening will analyze the organoleptic characteristics of the wine and will create the right music playlist for you.

VinoQuiz is the most comprehensive illustration and quiz application with tens of thousands of quizzes for wine, grapes, wine regions, wine personalities, wine extracts, wineries and more. It includes a complete ranking and rating of your answers with illustrative and informative explanations.



Which of the above are your favorites? If you haven’t used them yet it’s a good opportunity to learn more and why not share your experience with us




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