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Koukounari (literal meaning: pinecone) will take you for a summer night walk in the pine forests along the Chalkidiki coastline. Composed of 80% Chardonnay and 20% Savatiano, this blend is preserved with fresh pine resin harvested from pine forests in Chalkidiki using the ancient Greek techniques. The vineyard where our Chardonnay grows is located in the PGI wine region of Epanomi, on slightly elevated, sloped hills about 1km from the coastline of the Aegean Sea. It encompasses 1.25ha of plantation located on a southeast facing slope. The peninsula provides excellent conditions for dry, full bodied white wines. The constantly changing temperatures combined with the nearby mountain ranges, generate winds from various directions, as well as favourable temperature fluctuations.


The year 2013 started out very wet and transformed into an intensely hot summer. The grapes were treated with minimum irrigation and harvesting was entirely done by hand. The grapes were relatively small, but healthy and finely textured. The hot weather determined a very early harvest in the second week of August.


Carefully calculated dosages of pine resin has been added incrementally during fermentation to ensure the optimal absorption of the resin, resulting in an extraordinary full-bodied cuvée with a hint of pine resin.


Enjoy this truly Greek wine paired with any Mediterranean food and let it take you on a journey towards the shores of the Aegean sea encompassed by the Chalkidiki nature and its beautiful pine forests right down to the shoreline.

Analysis & Data

Alcohol: 15% Vol
Best served at: 8-10°C

Age Verification Please verify that you have reached the legal drinking age according to the legal statutes in your country!