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Open Bar

Open Bar

Join us for an enchanting evening at Domaine Florian! Unwind and experience the magic of our exclusive wines, available only at the winery.
Our doors are open
every Friday and Saturday from 18:00 to 24:00,
creating the perfect setting for a night filled with exquisite flavors and delightful company.
No reservations required! Simply walk in and let the evening unfold

The wine-region of Epanomi is placed on the slightly elevated hills of the peninsula forming the golf of Saloniki, also known as Thermaikou. Combined with sandy-loamy soils, the constantly blowing winds and the extraordinary micro-climate, it provides us with ideal conditions for cultivating especially our white vine varieties.

In our small family-run winery we focus on an environmental friendly and quality oriented cultivation of our vineyards. Soil-management is conducted with care and as sustainable as possible. All residuals from our Olive- and Wine production are used for fertilizing the fields in the most natural possible way.

Wine is a product of nature. Our Philosophy is to bring out in each wine the strengths of the vintage, the particularities of each vineyard and the grape variety, to provide each vintage with its own natural character. Our general principle is “quality over quantity” and aiming for products to be proud of.

Age Verification Please verify that you have reached the legal drinking age according to the legal statutes in your country!